What is Big Stuff Health Share?

It’s pretty simple. As a member, you make a monthly contribution to the fund. You get the health care you and your family need. Then, together, we voluntarily share each other’s medical bills – including yours.

Health share participants with eligible medical needs submit their bills along with a few quick and easy-to-fill-out forms. Those needs are then shared and the member gets a check in the mail.


The Big Stuff Health Share fund began when the HealthCARE providers at Alive & Well saw a need. Read more about the origins of their idea and what the future holds for the fund.


The experiences of our members speak for themselves. Together we lift one another up and help out the friends and family in our communities in times of need.


We have a plan for everyone. Find the contribution level that fits your budget and the cost-sharing level you’re looking for.

The Small Business Healthcare Solution

Providing HealthCARE options for employees increases employee retention, lowers sick days, and creates a happier, healthier workforce.

Make your small business one of the best places to work in your community by offering partial or even full contributions to the Big Stuff Health Share on your employee’s behalf.

Have more questions?

Have more questions?

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